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Review: Sportsman® Rayovac® 4 Watt LED Bright Flashlight SE4W3C


By: Davo Stoyko

Initial Inspection - The Rayovac 4 Watt LED Ultra Bright Flashlight ( 150 Lumens )arrived UPS delivery and on time. The initial inspection showed it to be of sturdy construction and it appeared to be a very high quality well built flashlight. The rubber grip makes handling the flashlight easy and comfortable and presumably will keep from slipping out of your hand when wet.

My Reasons For The Purchase -  I purchased the extra bright flashlight in part to extend battery life and upgrade the quality of my regular old flashlights. I needed flaslights with long battery life, very bright, waterproof and a lifetime bulb.

My LED Flashlight Test Results - I tested the new LED flashlight during the day and night. The LED flashlight appears to be 15 - 20 times brighter than my normal old fashioned maglite flashlight. It shined a nice bright white light as compared to the yellowish light of my old maglite flashlight. After dark, I walked outside and directed the bright LED flashlight beam to the end of the building. It easily illuminated the far corner very well with a directed beam of bright LED light. I then brought the flashlight into my home and shut off all the lights. When I shined the flashlight directly into a room, it brightly lit up the entire room just as if you turned on the light in the room. It even appeared to illuminated some of the adjacent rooms. My regular $39 maglite flashlight would never do this.

I became instantly very impressed. For ultra bright LED flashlights, the high intensity 4 watt 150 lumen LED is the way to go. I bought two more for my home and set my old flashlights aside. I placed one in the car and one in kitchen and another in bedroom desk.

Update - I have had three of the Rayovac 150 lumen/400 watt LED flashlights (B41-2130 / SE4W3C ) for over a year now. I use one of them daily for when I walk my dog outside at night. The batteries - no lie - do run for over 100 hours. And lastly, though I hope it never happens, it make a good defense club. All in all it's the brightest led flashlight I've ever used and highly recommed it.

My Recommendation - I would recommend this LED flashlight to anyone. All in all it's the brightest led flashlight I've ever used and highly recommed it.(Currently The Brightest LED Flashlight On The Market -Posted 2011)

More Info on Reviewed 4 Watt 150 Lumen Rayovac Sportsman Extreme LED Flashlight > > >

Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme®
4 Watt - 150 Lumens led flashlight


remington extreme 150 lumens led 3 watt led flashlight


rayovac best 300 lumen led lantern

150 Lumens - 4 Watt LED Flashlight
100 Hrs. Runtime


Remington Extreme 150 Lumen LED 3 Watt Flaslight
12 Hours Runtime


300 Lumens - 4 Watts LED Lantern
Camping LED Lantern


Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme®
3 Watt - 80 Lumens leds flashlights


three color lens 55 lumen led flashlight

45 hour runtime flashlight

80 Lumens - 3 Watt LED Flashlight
2 AA Batteries



55 Lumens - 1 Watt LED Flashlight
Three Color Lens

Red Green Blue


45 Hrs. Runtime Gold Flashlight
45 Lumens LED Indestructable


3 LED rayovac industrial flashlight


1W Luxeon LED headlamp


Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme®

100 lumen 2 watt flashlight

45 Lumens - 1 Watt Flashlight
150 Hours Runtime



1 Watt - 45 Lumens Headlamp



100 Lumens - 2 Watts LED Flashlight
2 AA Batteries