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Brand Name Auto Emergency Kits Including: Bridgestone® - Goodyear® - Justin-Case®

Singles, Bulk, Custom and Promotional Logo

Buy Direct Online or Call To Customize Any Kit Order: 800-990-9110

Alway In Stock With Fast Delivery - Even Customize Your Kit With Additoinal Supplies:

Extra Auto Kit Checklist & Parts


Car Kit Travel Pro

emergency car kit

Car Kit Ultimate Travel Pro
Ultimate Car Auto Emergency Kit

This Month Only 30% Off


Emergency Car Kit
New Emergency Car Kit

(Custom Logo Available)

Item: B41-1940

Emergency Auto Kit
Ultimate Emergency Auto Kit

(Custom Logo Available)

Item: B41-1910

Deluxe Car Emergency Kit

(Custom Logo Available)

Item: B41-1915

Jumbo Auto Safety Kit
(Optional Fire Extinguisher)

Car Emergency Kit

From Bridgestone

car emergency kit from Bridgestone


Roadside Car Emergency Kit

Turnpike Series®
emergency car kit

Jumbo Auto Emergency Kit

Includes Car Fire Extinguisher

(Custom Logo Available)

Item: B41-2005


Car Emergency Kit

From Bridgestone

Special Top Loading Feature

Item: B41-1950


The Car Emergency Kit
 "Includes Everything - Plus Discount"

Special: $20 Off

Item: B41-1955

Professional Auto
Tool Repair Kit

  Premium Auto Emergency Kit
auto safety designer car emergency kit



Professional Auto
Repair Tool Kit

Heavy Duty 122 Pieces
"This Month Sale Price"

Item: B41-1940


Premium Auto Emergency Kit

Include your Own Custom Kit Supplies In One Custom Bag

(Custom Logo Available)

Item: B41-4010


Auto Emergency Kit

Contains Everything Necessary For That Unexpected Roadside Emergency.

Item: B41-1965


450 Amp Jump Starter


 Home Move-In

and Maintenance Kit

Expandable Home Tool

and Repair Kit

Stanley Jump Starter
 "Includes Everything - 450 Amp"

Special: $30 Off

Item: B41-1755

Ultra Tough Home Repair Kit
110 PC. Home Repair Kit

Item: B41-1943

Move-In Tool Repair Kit
Gift Special Pricing

Item: B41-2008

Armor All Professional

Car Cleaning & Polishing Kit



Auto roadside Emergency Kits

  Pink Tool Kit
Mw/ Pink Tools

pink tool kit

Professional Car Care

Cleaning and Polishing Kit

Item: B41-1942


New Pink Tool Kit
"Perfect Move In Pink Tool Kit"

Item: B41-2008


Tropical Storm

hurricane kit supplies


Hurricane Emergency Kit

Category I

Hurricane Kit

Category II

Hurricane Kit
"Original Best Selling Hurricane Kit For 6 Years Straight"

Item: B41-4008


Hurricane Emergency Kit
Great For Any Emergency

"Best Seller"

Item: B41-4002

Emergency Hurricane Kit

Plus Extra Supplies

Best Emergency Kit

For All Possible Emergencies

Cooler Bag & Supplies

Item: B41-4100

Camping Backpack Survival Emergency Kit
suvival emergency kit backpack

Hurricane Emergency Kit

Category III
hurricane kit


Camping Emergency

Backpack Kit
Includes of 200 Items

Item: B41-2004

2011 Florida Hurricane Emergency Kit
"NEW 2011"

Item: B41-4102

Earthquake Kit
 Plus Waterproof Cooler Bag

And Blackout Supplies

Item: B41-4007

80 First Aid Kit Items


120 First Aid Kit Items


326 First Aid Kit Items
emergency first aid kit
- 4.1 Pounds -

Person Home First Aid Kit

80 First Aid Kit Items
Serves 2-4 People

Item: B41-2404

Large Home First Aid Kit

Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit
Serves 4-6 people

Item: B41-2404

Jumbo Home First Aid Kit

OSHA First Aid Kit Approved
 Serves 10-15 People

Item: B41-2402

Roadside Auto Safety Kit
Auto Roadside Emergency Kit
Choose Your

Custom Emergency Kit
Compact Emergency Tool Kit

Auto Roadside Kit
 Auto Emergency Car Kit With Expandable Bag

Item: B41-1953

Build a Custom
Emergency Kit

Choose Your Contents

(Custom Logo Available Call)
Emergency Tool Kit

52 Piece Compact

"New and On Sale"

Item: B41-4013

CERT Emergency Kit
Professional Back Pack

 Emergey Cert Backpack kit
Pro2 Cert Emergency
Backpack Kit

Item: B41-4202


CERT Emergency Kit
Professional Back Pack

Cert Emergey Backpack kit
Pro3 Emergency Cert
Backpack Kit

Item: B41-4003

Armor All Professional

Car Cleaning & Polishing Kit

Professional Car Care

Cleaning and Polishing Kit

Item: B41-1942

"Emergency Auto Kits Specials!  These car, truck and auto kits are custom designed for safety and security. Depending on your needs we have the car emergency kit for you. All the above emergency kits are available in single of bulk purchases. Custom logos are available on request on most kits. No order is too big or too small. For bulk or custom orders orders call: 800-990-9110. "Have a safe day!"


Logo Specials on all our best safety car kit promotional and roadside kit promotional emergency supplies call. 800-990-9110 for more information.


Hurricane Kit
"Original Best Selling Hurricane Kit

For 6 Years Straight"

Hurricane Kit

Item: B41-4008


Power Outage Emergency Kit

Everything You Need For When The Power Goes Out

Over 40% Off

Season Price: $89.95


Only: $44.95


Includes and super bright lantern, flashlight, battery operated fan, 12 band radio, rain poncho, multi facet tool knife combo, emergency whistle with lanyard/compass/water proof compartment, foil blanket, duct tape, can opener, leather gloves, emergency first aid kit, and batteries for everything.




Promotional Logo

Add Parts...

(Bulk - Individual - Gift - Custom Logo on Most Kits)
For More Information About Custom Logo's Call: 800-990-9110

Video: Use your car emergency kit to jump start your battery.

Video: What important about what products should be in you auto emergency kit.


Article Review Auto Emergency Kits

Article: Review on how to build an auto emergency kit


Must Have Emergency Auto Kit Supplies Every Car Owner Should Have

Automotive Safety Car Emergency Kit Just in Case Kits are provided with or without custom logo printing. Most custom logos print within 72 hours after final approval of artwork. Custom printed logo prints bright white reflective ink on black canvas background.

Automotive safety kits ship with a variety of contents - depending on the kit style. Kit supplies are listed below.

Booster Cable 8'10 Gauge, Tow Rope 12ft. 4500 Capacity, Collapsible Shovel, Tire Sealant, Pliers, Screwdriver, Cable Ties, Window Mount Reflective Triangle.

Flashlight, Signaling Cone for Flashlight, 2 D Cell Batteries.

Roadside Safety Manual, Utility Knife, Blanket, Pair of Knit Gloves, Reflective Vest, Rain Poncho, Candles, Safety Matches, Shop Cloth, Handiwipe OR Towelettes, First Aid Kit.

Custom Promotional Logo Print Approx. Size 7" Wide 2.5" Height.


Article: Roadside Auto Kit Winter Emergencies


Create Your Own Roadside Auto Emergency Kit with Logo or Promotional. - When it comes to Driving any long distance, a roadside auto emergency kit can mean the difference between getting back safely and being stuck on the road for a long period of time. A properly built car roadside emergency kit is the one thing that every car should have; yet most of you never carry some of the basic items that could help you get back home quickly - and most of all safely.


If you have a cell phone and you are lucky enough to have an AAA account with the Auto Club, or have an On Star account you can always wait and assistance may come at there convenience. If not, you're either faced with having to stop a passing car or spend a night on the side of the road. The point is unless you have a emergency car kit in your car that you will be out of luck.


The following emergency kit items are some of the basic items included in a well made auto emergency kit.

- Heavy Duty 12-foot jumper cables

- Roadside flares or

- Roadside reflective triangle - Motor oil

- First aid kit

- Extra fuses

- Flashlight and extra batteries

- Phillips and Flat head screwdrivers 

- Adjustable wrench, Pliers, Vise Grips, Pocketknife

- Blanket

- Tire inflator (Fix-A-Flat)

- Tire pressure gauge

- Roll of paper towels

- Roll of duct tape

- Bottled water

- Spray bottle with washer fluid

- Gallon of antifreeze

- Ice scraper

- Pen and paper

- Disposable camera

- Help or SOS Banner

- Nice strong heavy duty auto kit bag


Auto Emergency Kit Checklist


Granted, all of these roadside car emergency kit items practically necessitate a Ford Excursion to haul them down the road, but a basic version with two roadside flares, a quart of oil, small first aid kit, extra fuses, flashlight, Leatherman Tool (or any other multipurpose tool commonly containing pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, bottle opener, screwdrivers, files and an awl), tire inflator, rags, pocket knife, pen and paper and a help sign will take up a minimal amount of trunk space. few companies offer pre-assembled car emergency roadside kits, ranging from Ultimate Auto Kitimate Auto Kit ($39.95) or the Excalibur Roadside Kit or the Deluxe Auto Safety Kit ($59.95) to the 0r the Premium Car Emergency Kit. ($89.95) or see all our kits all emergency auto kits). While these kits contain the basics in a small convenient carrier, you might want to add a few of your own items depending on the weather and conditions you drive.


Before you use your kit in an emergency situation, take some time to familiarize yourself with the items and how to use them properly. Also remember that the most important item is your own good judgment - stopping to change a tire in the high-speed lane is only an accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, there isn't "one tool for all roadside emergency needs." But with a little planning and a smidgen of trunk space, an emergency roadside kit can often save the day. Specials on all our best safety car kit promotional and roadside kit promotional emergency supplies call . 800-990-9110.



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Article Review of the Best Auto Emergency Kits for Winter, Summer and Roadside Emergencies

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