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Over 30 Battery Operated Fans To Choose From!battery operated fans
New 2013 Edition
Powerful Efficient Battery Operated Fan

The "Most Powerful Battery Operated Fans On The Market"

This large portable battery operated fan runs on household batteries or 120 volts. It operates on 8 D size batteries. The large 10" blade size makes this battery fan the most powerful portable fan on the market. The fan stores easily and is ready to use in a moments notice. Cool Fan Breeze, Even When The Power Goes Out. Batterysavers has the largest selection of battery operated fans on the internet. Also see our hand, desk, camping and car clip on fans.

More Battery Operated Fan Selections > > >

For O2Cool Desk Rechargeable Fan Click Here > > >

bright camping led lantern Brightest Camping LED Lantern On The Market!

The Brightest LED Lantern On The Market...

WOW - This LED Lantern Blasts 4 Watts of Light For 150 Hours

This battery operated led camping lantern was designed for camping but we found it can be used anywhere - most importantly for emergencies and power outages. It is currently the brightest LED camping lantern on the market. It requires only 3 D batteries and stays bright for over 150 hours. The LED bulb last a lifetime and the durable ABS plastic shell will stand up to the most extreme conditions. Feature high, low and blinking settings. Removable cover and works best as a hanging tent lantern.

LED Camping Lantern Info >>>>

150 Lumens - 80 Hours Runtime
Powerful Efficient Battery Operated Lantern

This Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Is The Most Durable On The Market!

Voted Best LED Floodlight Lantern at 150 Lumens

This NEW 80 Lumen LED Lantern is one of the most durable lanterns Rayovac has manufactured. It is durable, unbelievable bright and very energy battery life efficient. It uses only 4-C Cell batteries and features a new high performance LED focused light. For camping, the lantern will last for 78 hours in energy efficient mode, or turn it on high for super bright 80 lumens.

Combination Bright LED Lantern and AM/FM NOAA Radio

Emergency Radio Lantern with NOAA/AM/FM Combo


Powered by 4AA Batteries or Dynamo Wind Up

Simple the best battery combination LED lantern/AM/FM/ NOAA Radio with crank or AA power. It easily illuminates any large room and operates on two modes high and low. It has many new features such as: NOAA Radio AM/FM - New Bright LED Lantern - charge a cell phone - it also operates on 4 AA batteries or the built-in crank generator.

More Bright Battery Operated LED Lanterns > >

Auto Emergency Kit for Roadside Travel

"Best Car Kit For The Money"

This Auto Emergency Kit contains all the essentials a traveler requires for those scary nights on the highway. The auto kit is versatile and flexible in a way that allows any motorist to easily add additional item for personal travel needs. This can include special tools or just an extra set of batteries.

Auto Emergency Kit Details Click Here - All Roadside Kit Are Now ON SALE!!!

Bridgestone© Car Emergency Kit

"Top Of The Line Car Emergency Kit By A #1 Trusted Brand!"

Car emergency kits are essential for any person traveling on the back roads or highways. This car kit contains all the essentials to keep you save and should for any long or short trip. Contained is a car emergency kit checklist like no other and includes jumper cables, tools, roadside reflector triangle, electric air pump and more. Car Emergency Kits>>>

10 inch rechargealbe fan with batteries and AC adapter
2 Speed Rechargeable Fan With Swivel Blades

2 Speed Rechargeable Fan With Swivel Blades

This 02 Cool Smart Power Rechargeable Fan is the newest fan to hit the market. It offers new 180 degree swivel fan blade cage, variable power switch, and more fansrechargeable energy efficient "Smart Power" electronic circuitry. It can be powered in four different ways. uilt-in Rechargeable Batteries - Convenient rechargeable the batteries up to 500 time which saves you 100's of dollars in batteries. This is truly a battery saving "Eco Friendly" fan. Also runs and DC batteries or AC adapter (included)

More Info On This 10" Rechargeable Fan > > >

Quick fold out handle which quickly turns the car into a portable defroster

Battery Operated 12-Volt Auto Heater & Defroster

Now you can warm up quickly with this volt rubberized 12 operated car heater! This portable car heater is suitable for adding on or replacing your car's current heater. Put it on the floor or mount it on the dashboard. The long 7' heavy duty cord also lets you place the heater in the backseat to better warm up you passengers. The heater includes a quick fold out hand which quickly turns the car into a portable defroster.

More Info On This 12 Volt Electic Car Heater > > >


Car Emergency Kit
Largest Selection Of Roadside Auto Kits On The Market

Roadside Auto Emergency Kit Safety Sale

Road and Highway Vehicle Auto Emergency Kits For Every Occasion

This auto emergency kits is complete with everything you will need when you have a roadside emergency. It includes a first aid kit, jumper cable, tow rope, flashlight, tire flat and much much more. The ultimate car emergency kit is ready for any emergency and is the best kit on the Internet for the money. It also can be customized and printed with your company logo for gifts promotions and trade shows. Now shipping with camping shovel and fire extinguisher.
Auto Emergency Kit Information Page > > >

battery powered tv Digital Battery Powered TV 12-Hour Playtime

7" Portable Digital Battery Operated TV With Optional 12 Hour Battery Pack

Large 7"LCD Screen With Remote and Built-in Battery

This wide screen LCD digital battery operated TV incorporates new hi-resolution technology, NTSC/ATSC tuner for digital channels, remote control, adjustable brightness for providing extra brightness for sunny days, low contrast for battery saving situations, two build-in stereo speakers and a an AV input jack for audio video input sources such as a camcorder or DVD player. Also available bundled with 12 hour portable battery pack.

Click for More Battery Operated Digital 7" TV's> >

NEW: Small Portable Battery Operated Air Conditioner

"When you need to cool down quick . . . This fan is for you !!!"

New this year is this small mini hand held air conditioner using natural evaporative technology. We think it's the best we've seen for the money. The air conditioning fan can be powered by a computer USB port or 4 AAA batteries. It can easily be used as a desk fan at work or can quickly be stored in a purse or pocket for portable use. The fan is very quiet and utilizes a variable speed control which enables the air conditioning fan to be adjusted 90 degrees (up or down). Great for cooling down at work, home or. More Info > > >

Auto Emergency Kit Roadside with Tools and Tire Pump

This is The Best of The Best Auto Car Kit We Carry!!!

This deluxe auto emergency roadside kit is a heavy duty nylon case with tons of accessories. It includes a 12 volt electric air compressor, a heavy duty tow rope, first-aid kit, flashlight, reflective triangle, blanket, and jumper cables - just to name a few. This auto emergency kit will always help keep you safe. Many of our car emergency kits are available with custom printed logo. More Roadside Auto Emergency Kit Information>>>

Portable Battery Operated Air Conditioner Cool Box

O2Cool Ice Cold Battery Air Powered Air Conditioner

Life is miserable and can be dangerous, especially during hot, sizzling summer heat. To combat that heat O2-Cool offers the best option possible. A battery operated air condition that operates on battery power, 12-volt cigarette lighter or AC adapter. Enjoy a cool battery operated air conditioner breeze. The air conditioner also offer a cool misting fan
Portable Battery Operated Air Conditioner Info>>> LOOK: NEW HAND HELD AIR CONDITIONER >>>>

monthly camping specials

Remington Extreme Tactical 3 Watt LED Flashlight

Top Grade Military Design and Tactical Construction

Professionally Designed For Military and Law Enforcement
it is truly the brightest most compact LED flashlight we carry. This Rayovac LED flashlight with holster was developed using input from professional military, law enforcement and hunters for peak performance in the harshest environments. This light features the absolute latest high performance advanced LED technology. More LED Flashlights >

battery compact desk fan BATTERY OPERATED DESK FAN

Personal Battery Operated Desk Fan by O2Cool®

Small Personal White Desk Fan Compact & Quiet!

This personal battery operated desk fan is great for cooling down most anywhere. (For desk rechargeable fan click here) The compact fan runs silent and fits on any desk top. The fan powerful blades are quiet on high or low. This new model runs for over 100 hours on a single set of batteries. Optionally,

Desktop Fan Click Here > > >


Roosevelt Classic Wood Cabinet Nostalgia "FireSide Chat" Radio

Remembering "Fire Side Chats" given from President Franklind D. Roodevelt during the great depression. They were givin to educate and calm the overwhelming panic that blaketed the United States of America. Remember... TV was not invented yet and the radio we just invented. Iit was a luxery even to have a radio in the house. At the fire was to warm the house because many could not afford expensive heating oil. Different day.....

This Is The Best NOAA Radio Lantern Combination We Carry

This is the best battery powered LED camping lantern AM/FM NOAA Radio Eveready ever manufactured. It easily illuminates a 12'x12' room size and operates on two modes high and low. For a battery powered LED camping lantern, it incorporates may new features such as: AM/FM NOAA Radio - LED lantern - USB Port for charging a cell phone - and best of all it operates on AA batteries or built-in windup.
More Battery Operated LED Camping Lanterns > >

12 Volt Car Heater

Battery Operated 12-Volt Auto Heater & Defroster

Quick Access Handle for Quick Defrosting of Windows

Now you can warm up quickly with this volt rubberized 12 operated car heater! This portable car heater is suitable for adding on or replacing your car's current heater. Put it on the floor or mount it on the dashboard. The long 7' heavy duty cord also lets you place the heater in the backseat to better warm up you passengers. The heater includes a quick fold out hand which quickly turns the car into a portable defroster for quickly melting ice and snow.

Hurricane Kit

Hurricane Kits

Everything You Need For When The Lights Go Out!

This Hurricane Kit has all of the emergency supplies you will need in the event of an emergency. Weather it's a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or terrorist attack - it's always smart to be prepared. This Hurricane Kit is packed with an emergency wind up radio , battery powered TV, flashlights, first-aid-kit, emergency rope, duct tape, tons of batteries and much much more.  Don't waste time - we did the shopping for you. (click here for Hurricane Kits & Supplies)

NEW: 12 Volt Ice Cooler Air Conditionerl!!

NEW: Battery Powered Cooler Air Conditioner by Koolerc Aire

Beat The Heat: Quickly Turns Any Cooler Into A Small Portable Air Conditioner


#1 selling cooler air conditioner battery operated by Kool Aire. So when it's steaming hot out and you need a some cold air quick, simple open or remove the cooler cover and place the blue cold plate on the cooler, fill it with ice and plug it in. The air conditioner will continue to provide cold air as long as there is ice in the chest. On average the cooling fan drops the temperature of the air 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it double as an ice cooler to store drinks and food. It is manufactured using the toughest plastic material and is built of a strong PVC lightweight and extra durable plastic.

More Info On Battery Powered Cooler > > >

Super Bright Battery Powered 12 LED Lantern

"LED Lantern Lasts Over 72 Hours On Batteries"
Save Money on batteries with this super bright 12-LED lantern that lasts 10 times longer on a set of D size batteries. Ideal for maximizing battery life and is a must for any emergency. This LED lantern was made for extended periods without power or access to batteries.

More LED Lantern Info > > >

Hand Held Battery Powered Fan

New Hand Fan Colors - You can stay cool all night long when the power goes out with this colorful hand held portable battery powered fan. This hand held fan is a necessity for when the electricity goes out – like a snow storm, hurricane or earthquake. Don’t be caught in the heat - Plan ahead and stay cool! Great for menopause and hot flashes. 

More Hand Held Battery Operated Fan Info > > >

Battery operated fans
Battery Operated
Fan and Batteries

Large Battery Operated Fans by O2Cool ©

Everything You Need To Cool Down with Your Battery Operated Fan!

This battery operated fan includes everything you need to keeps you cool during those hot days and nights. The battery operated fans includes batteries and a 120 AC volt transformer. The fan runs on just batteries or pug it into your car or home. The is the largest battery powered fan on the market with the size of 10 inch blades. MORE BATTERY OPERATED FANS >>>

Indoor/Outdoor Lantern and LED Lanterns For Emergency Or Camping

Best Battery Operated LED Lantern We Could Find! 

This battery operated long lasting indoor outdoor LED lantern offers all the features you will ever need when the "lights go out". Sometimes called a candle lantern, it is super bright, lights for 24 hours and is waterproof. It is good for emergencies, camping or everyday household use. Best Camping, Outdoor Lantern Series.

More LED Lantern Info > > >

wind up radio flshlight
Battery Operated TV
Lantern Radio Siren

Emergency LED Flashlight WindUp Radio

"AM/FM, Windup, Siren, Flasher, Seatbelt Cutter !" 

This is a AM FM radio with four power sources - 3 AA Batteries, EZ Crank Windup Generator, or Plug-in Adapter. It includes a LED camping lantern flashlight and built-in AM/FM radio. Also, as a  high decibel super-loud siren, emergency light flashing flasher safety device a seat belt cutter and window breaker.

Camping Lantern Radio Flashlight Click Here > >

battery operated tv
Battery Operated TV
Lantern Radio Siren

Battery Operated TV Plus Lantern AM/FM Radio, Spot & Siren

This Battery Powered Television Lantern is loaded with handy features including a bright pivoting lantern, power flashlight spotlight, 5-inch black and white portable television, AM/FM radio and a super loud emergency panic siren! The 3 power sources allow you to operate the lantern almost anywhere. Use at home with AC power, in the car with 12 volt power and internal batteries. 

More Battery Operated TV Info > > >


Heavy-Duty First Aid Kits Custom Logo Available

Great Size For Your School, Car, Home, or Office

A first aid kits keeps you healthy and prepared for almost any emergency. This kit meets OSHA standards and includes bandages, antiseptics and pain relievers and much, much more. Great for any emergency or disaster kit. This product is also bundled in our pre-packed kit call the "Hurricane Kit"

Long lasting emergency candles
Long Lasting  Supplies

Long Lasting Emergency Candles

No Drip Wax, Don't Blow Out ,& Burn For Days

These long lasting candles are easy to light and burn for over 7 days. The solid glass container prevents wax from dripping and makes them easy to carry. These candles are a must have for any blackout or disaster. They currently ship in a three candle bundle with an 9" extension lighter. 

Click Here For More Emergency Candles > > >

7-In-1 Combo Radio Flashlight. This NOAA weather radio has all the goodies. It is great addition to any emergency kit. It has six independent safety features including a bright 8 LED flashlight, NOAA radio, AM/FM radio with a built in speaker, emergency siren and blinker.NOAA Weather Radio More Info > > >

Midland® Emergency Wind Up Radio with AM/FM and Weather Channels

Water-resistant AM/FM radio NOAA weather channels and alert override Dynamo wind up crank radio provides both radio and flashlight power at all times Easy-to-view back-lit LCD with clock and alarm NOAA All Hazards/Weather Alert Radio. Midland NOAA Radio More Info > > >

buy AA batteries in bulk at wholesale



ALKALINE: Buy Alkaline Batteries In Bulk At Wholesale Prices

Bulk Batteries below wholesale at warehouse prices!

When you need long lasting alkaline reliable power, count on top quality Rayovac super alkaline batteries. For products ranging from televisions, flashlights, led flashlights and radios, BatterySavers alkaline batteries offers only the best for every application. Keep Long Lasting Alkaline Batteries On Hand For All Your Battery Operated Fans, Radios & Flashlights. (Great for Battery Operated Fans) Wholesale Bulk Battery Page > > >


Discount Cheap Alkaline Batteries In Bulk: BY THE CASE Click Here

Printable Discount Battery Sale Flier (PDF)

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Giant American

Flag Sale $5.95

Auto Emergency Kit
Travel Pro

Auto Emergency Kit - Travel Pro
 Auto Roadside Emergency Kits
Auto Emergency Kit -Ultimate
Emergency Car Kit Deluxe and On Sale!
Emergency Saftey  Kit
Jumbo Auto Safety Kit w/Fire Extinguisher
Large Car Safety Kit
Professional Auto
Tool Repair Kit
Prifessional Auto Tool Kit
 Premium Auto Emergency Kit
Premium Auto Emergency Kit