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Automotive 71 Piece Car Emergency Kit With All The Road Equipment Required For Most Any Summer or Winter Roadside Emergency.

    Emergency Kit Contents:

  • Air compressor
  • Jumper cables
  • Wool Blanket
  • Tie down strap
  • Duct tape
  • Electrical battery tape
  • 10 quick zip cable ties
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Car tool kit 2 in 1 screw driver
  • Utility safety razor knife
  • Rubber flashlight batteries included
  • Red reflective triangle with window or road mount
  • Heavy duty wool blanket
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Emergency rain poncho
  • First Aid Kit with instruction card
  • 20 Large emergency adhesive strips
  • 2 Gauze pads, adhesive medical tapes, 10 Cotton balls, 4 Hand wipe towlettes
  • All packed in a heavy duty top loading Case
  • Justin case safe auto kkit
  • Perfect winter emergency car kit


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 Emergency Kit Specials

This Auto Emergency Kit Contains Everything You Need For An Emergency.



Car Emergency Kit Checklist

Auto Kit Parts

Auto Kit Parts



Winter Folding Shovel Sale

Winter Folding Shovel Sale






Bridgestone Car Emergency Kit

(Winter Emergency Car Kit Series)

by Bridgestone®

Top Of The Line Car Emergency Kit By A #1 Trusted Brand!

Bridgestone introduces it's heavy duty car emergency kits for safety and security for any roadside emergency. This kit includes tools, first aid kit, lighting, jumper cables, gloves, compressor tire pump, reflective triangle and more. It is both rugged and easy to use. Optionally add an auto kit fire extinguisher (click here). Be assured that this kit has it all.... Bulk pricing available - Please call 800-990-9110


Top loading for quick easy emergency access, heavy duty durable bag with wide mouth case, Car Emergency Tools includes: Air compressor, Jumper cable, Tie down strap, Duct tape, Electrical battery tape, 10 quick zip cable ties, Tire pressure gauge, car tool 2 in 1 screw driver, Utility safety razor knife, Rubber flashlight, Two heavy duty flashlight batteries, Red reflective triangle with window or road mount, Heavy duty wool blanket, Nitrile gloves, Emergency rain poncho, Car Emergency first aid instruction card, 20 Large emergency adhesive strips, 2 Gauze pads, Adhesive medical tapes, 10 Cotton balls, 4 Hand wipe towlettes all packed in a heavy duty top loading car emergency kit for More Car Emergecy Kits quick easy emergency access. Best winter car emergency kit we carry.

    Car Emergency Kit Features:

  • Bridgestore Auto Emergency Kit
  • Top Loadiong Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Auto Tools Plus Tapes and Utilities
  • Heavy Duty Reflictive Triangle and Flashlight
  • Jumper Cable for Dead Batteries and Tire Lug Wrench
  • Wool Blanket and Tire Pump and Tire Pressure Gauage
  • 53 Piece Emergency First Aid kit
  • Rain Poncho and Cable Tires & Much Much More....
  • Extra Auto Kit Checklist and Parts Click Here

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Car Emergency Kit by Bridgestone
Quick Save: $20.00
OUR PRICE $49.95

Item #:B41-1950
Retail Price: $69.95
Customer Reviews

Review: Car Emergency Kit



My Use:

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Came prepacked with everything I already picked out

Put it in the truck - Used it twice

Average SUV driver with a boat hitch

This company shipped on time - I intend to order more.

Best Car Emergency Kits

We believe your car is where you spend your most valuable time weather you are with your kids, on a business trip or vactioning far from home. So when severe weather suddenly appears and disaster strikes, you should always have a First Aid Kit for your glove box and a Car Emergency Kit for your trunk. Weather it's a simple jump start or an unexpected flat tire it's always good to have a blanket for your pets and tools for your tires.

Discover that when a AAA approved Car Emergency Kit is in your car, you will be prepared. You don't have to remember to bring an emergency car kit along.  You already have one in your trunk.
And, even if you cut your finger in the garage, you will know exactly where that emergency car kit is - in the truck of your car. Use it at your house, in the your garage, or in your car on the road.


All of our Emergency Car Kits contains everything you need in case of a roadside or home emergency. We carry the most popular highway approved car emergency kits. Here is expanded list of car emergency kits we offer to our customers:  car emergency kits, winter car emergency kits, emergency road assistance kits, vehicle emergency kits, road traveler kit, Severe Weather Winter Travel Kit AAA-approved , Piece Severe Weather Winter Travel Kit AAA-approved, Economy Auto Emergency Kit, Roadside Emergency Kit, earquake kits, roadside emergency kit iwth tools, auto first aid kits for any unexpected medical emergency.


Our emergency car  kits vary in size and fit any budget. Make you next trip and safe and secure one.


Where to carry your car emergency kit

The most logical place to store your emergency kit would be the trunk -- problem is if you're in a collision that damages the rear end of the car, you may not be able to get the trunk open. Consider carrying your emergency kit in a small duffel bag and storing it in the passenger's footwell, where it can be easily accessed by the driver (and where it won't become a projectile in a collision). If your kit includes flares and you travel with children, store the flares in the trunk and keep a backup hazard triangle in the bag.


Consumer Reports on "What To Carry In A Car Emergency Kit"






My Use:

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Addition Comments:

Like the top loading feature to add more produxcts
I have two in each one of my cars

200 miles a wekk sales calls

Pretty good deal - great shipping on time.

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