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"eneloop battery charger

Eneloop FAQs



Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Charger and 10 Rechargeable AA and 4 Rechargeable AAA Batteries

The NEW eneloop cells are here!!

New, improved eneloop kit in colors eneloop - ready to use rechargeable battery. Since its launch in November 2005 eneloop has become well-known around the world as it has revolutionized the consumer-use rechargeable battery segment with its unique features: * rechargeable approximately 1,000 times * coming pre-charged, making it usable immediately after purchase * its unique design departing from the look of traditional batteries What is the difference between the "old" and the "new" improved eneloop? * An extra of 500 charging cycles - instead of being rechargeable 1000 times, the new eneloop is even rechargeable up to 1500 times. * Improved self-dischcharge. Even though the self discharge of the old eneloop was already very impressive, you can store the new eneloop for 3 years and still it will retain 75% of its capacity. * You need a battery, which is reliable even when having cold temperatures? Before eneloop was suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C - now even until -20°C. *

    Eneloop Features:

  • Holds charge up to 3 years. Each eneloop will maintain 75% capacity after 3 years of non-use.
  • Recharge 1500x. New and Improved! Each eneloop can be recharged 1500 times.
  • Pre-charged and ready to use in your favorite devices
  • Less than 4 cents per recharge. Save money. Over thier lifetime each eneloop costs less then 4 cents per recharge.
  • (8) AA eneloop batteries (pre-charged)
  • (2) Extra AA eneloop atteries (pre-charged)
  • (1) Battery charger - Hold 4 AA
Sanyo Eneloop Battery Charger Kit
Quick Save: $10.00
OUR PRICE $39.95
Item #:B41-1401
Retail Price: $49.95
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Last long and charge faster
Digital Camera

Mammy White Camera Shop

This new eneloop package (Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Charger and 8 Rechargeable AA and 4 Rechargeable AAA Batteries) contains 12 of the 2nd-gen eneloop cells, and the MQN06 4-cell charger. Note that unlike the previous eneloop Power Pack Kit, there are no C- and D-shell adapters in this package.

What's eneloop AA Battery Charger?

The battery for the 21st century


The key-advantage of the eneloop compared to usual rechargeable batteries is its extremely low self-discharge.


Once charged, eneloop keeps its charge even if you store it for 6 or 12 months.

( 90 per cent of the charge after 6 months, 85 per cent after 12 months )


For a rechargeable battery this is a revolutionary advantage.

No more worries about the state of charge of your battery.

Just, charge them and keep them.

Even after months you will still have an almost full battery.

1000 times rechargeable
Saves the environment and your money
Great digital camera battery charger


eneloop is a totally new type of battery, which satisfies

in a unique way the needs and expectations of the consumers.


The needs of the consumers


Consumers would like to have a battery, which

  • can be used right after the purchase

  • has a high performance

  • has a long shelf life with no loss of energy

  • can be used everywhere

  • is cheap in purchase and usage

  • is environmental friendly

  • is easy to use


So far these requirements could not be satisfied by a single type of batteries. 

The consumer had the choice between disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries.


  • they can be used immediately

  • they have a long shelf life with low loss of energy

  • they are rather cheap in purchase

  • they are easy to use and no charger is require


These advantages however, had to be seen alongside several clear disadvantages. 


  • can be used only once and therefore mean substantial waste and risk for the environment. .
  • have to be purchased over and over again and are therefore expensive considering the life-time of your equipment.
  • are not quite powerful enough in certain applications ( like digital cameras )
  • are being offered in many varieties and special application-specific types, which confuses the consumer. 
  • The classical advantages of rechargeable batteries are:
  • high performance, especially if high discharge currents are required ( like in digital cameras )
  • cheap in use, because they can be recharged many times.
  • environmental friendly, because one rechargeable battery replaces 1000 disposable batteries.
  • good performance at low temperatures.


Given these advantages, there were however also some disadvantages, which made consumers reluctant to exchange disposable batteries by rechargeable batteries.


  • After purchase, rechargeable batteries have to be charged before they can be used.  ;

  • Rechargeable batteries lose the stored energy rather fast.

  • The state of charge is hard to determine.

  • Continuous charging or frequent charge ( without complete discharge ) can destroy the battery.

  • Proper charging is complicated for an average consumer

All these negative attributes have one root-cause: self discharge. 


Self-discharge means, that a charged battery slowly discharges itself without any equipment consuming any current. .

This is the reason for rechargeable batteries being sold in discharged state. And this is the reason for that keeping charged batteries for some time did not make any sense. When you needed them, the energy was gone.


Immediate Use - like a disposable battery

Because the eneloop has a very low self-discharge, SANYO can ship the batteries

to the retailers in a charged state. Also in the shops eneloop loses it´s charge very slowly.

This means the consumer purchases a charged battery, which can be used immediately.


The eneloop is therefore as user-friendly as a disposable battery.


For obvious reasons SANYO can not guarantee any specific state of charge for each eneloop,

because it is impossible to predict the storage time in the supply-chain.


We ask for your understanding.

A low energy content is however, not a defect of the battery.


After a reload, the energy content should match the rated capacity.

Low self-discharge - the key advantage


What makes the eneloop unique


In contrast to a disposable battery the eneloop can be charged 1000 times. This saves the environment and your purse.

Thus one eneloop saves the waste of 999 disposable batteries.


But also financially the eneloop has benefits.  Even if you consider the slightly higher cost of the eneloop compared to a disposable battery and add the cost for the charger and the energy consumed by the charger, the investment for one eneloop returns easily after a few charging cycles.


Imagine how much money you have spent for batteries in your life. Now there is an end to this spending.


Please consider how long one eneloop will last, if you discharge and charge it once per week.

Yes, your calculation was right: 19 years.

( Of course this is a mathematical calculation only and not a guarantee for the actual lifetime of the battery. )


Click Here For More eneloop information > > > logo

Sales and Customer Service: 800-990-9110



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