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12 Portable Car Heater

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portable cell phone charger
portable power pack for iphone and ipad and cell phone



Portable Cell Phone Charger



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Discounted D Size Battereis



    What It's Used For?

  • Emergency cell phone charger
  • Portable cell phone charger
  • Portable battery pack
  • Battery pack portable
  • External battery for ipad
  • Backup battery for ipad
  • External battery charger
  • Portable power pack for camping
  • Portable power pack for mobile devices
  • Portable power pack for iPad and iPhone

ipad and pod external battery ppack

Limited Edition




Charger & Power Pack With Built In Cigarette Adpter



By: Batterysavers

Item: 4004

Also a Portable iPhone Charger and Portable iPod Charger and power pack.This power pack runs anything that plugs into your car cigarette lighter adapter. With our new portable battery charger can power & recharge many personal devices when you are on the go!




Install 8 D batteries to instantly power and recharge all your portable 12 volt appliances. It will power or recharges Cell Phones, iPod, iPhone, PDA systems, Gaming devices, MP3 Players, digital cameras, rechargeable lanterns, 12 volt stoves, ovens, coffee makers, etc. MOST ANY 12 VOLT DEVICE!

Hurricanes and emergencies can leave area's without power; With this new portable cell phone battery charger you can run a powerful battery operated fan, portable TV,  recharge your cell phone (up to 20 times) power most any 12 volt appliances.


Runs Any 12 Volt Device On Only (8) D Batteries.


    Battery Pack Features:

  • 12-Volt Cigarette Socket
  • Water Resistant Case
  • Fused at 3 Amps
  • Carrying strap included
  • Light-weight and easy to carry
  • No AC power needed, runs solely off 8 D batteries
  • Great for camping and outdoor living
  • Model 4004 Bookmark This Page!


How the portable cell phone charger works?

D Cell batteries are 1.5 volt each. 1.5 x 8 = 12 volts Portable 8D power station with cigarette lighter socket Portable battery pack Instant emergency power using 8 D-Cell.

Unlike many battery charging devices which require custom adaptors, the personal cell phone battery charger works with power adapters you ALREADY OWN! any 12 volt cigarette light adapter will work. If You can plug it into your car cigarette adapter then you can also use this portable battery pack.

Portable battery charger can be used to charge any 12 volt device that has a 12 VDC auto plug including Cell Phones, Smart Phones, MP3 Players, IPOD's, PDA's, Handheld Devices, GPS Systems and Portable Gaming Devices and more... Also a Portable iPhone

Charger and Portable iPod Charger.

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12 Volt Portable Cell Phone Battery Pack
OUR PRICE $39.95
Item #:B41-1824
Retail Price: $59.95


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12 Volt D Cell Battery Pack W/ Cigarette Lighter Adapter




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5/ 5 Stars

This is the newest coolest product I found for my camping trip. I use it for everything. I can charge my phone and run all my night lights. Really powerful and it's even waterproof. I bookmark it so I can pick up a few for gifts. Thanks, Batterysavers.....


YES... All day long!!!

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