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Battery Operated Fan Specials

"We Carry The Largest Selection of Battery Operated Fans on The Internet"
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Special Sale Price!
Absolutely The Most Powerful Fans On The Market

(Free Standing)


Special Sale Price!

Battery Operated Home,
Office and Camping Fan

(Folding Legs)


Limited Edition!

Battery Operated Fan

New Design - Ultra Thin -

New High Speed Motor

battery powered fan


Large Battery Powered Fan



10" Battery Operated Fan

Item: B41-1526/1527


10" Battery Powered Fan

Item: B41-1507/1506


High Speed Battery Operated Fan

Item: B41-1534 / 1534



Desktop & Camping Fans

Special Sale Price!


Small Portable Battery Operated
Air Conditioner 

Large 10" Rechargeable Fan



10" Large Rechargeable Fan

Item: B41-1518


Desktop AC/DC Fan or
Battery Camping Fans

Item: B41-1523


Small Battery Operated
Air Conditioner

Item: B41-1530

o2cool fan



10" Battery Operated Fan
AC or Battery Operated by

Item: B41-1541


5" Portable USB Fan
"Plug Into Any Computer"

Item: B41-1544


O2Cool 10" Fan with
Folding Legs, AC Adapter

Item: B41-1546

Deluxe Water Misting Fan


Turn Your Cooler Into A Battery Operated Air Conditioner


Portable Battery Desk Fan


battery powered air conditioner


battery operated desk fan
Quantity Price Available...

Battery Operated
Misting Fan

Item: B41-1512


Battery Powered Air Conditioner For Your Ice Cold Cooler 12 Volt

Item: B41-1532


Small Quiet Desk Fan
Silent Running & Very Quiet

Item: B41-1516

Oscillating Clip On Fan


Hanging Tent Fan


Portable Battery Hand Fan For A Quick Cool Breeze

oscillating clip on car fan


  battery hand fans

12 Volt Oscillating
Clip-On Car Fan

Item: B41-1538


Portable Hanging Tent Fan

Item: B41-1517


Mini Battery Operated Hand Fans

Item: 1502

A Portable Air Conditioner


Battery Flex Fan


Small Carabineer Hand Clip On Fan & Flashlight

battery operated misting fan


battery clip fan


battery powered hand fans

Battery Powered
Misting Fan

Item: B41-1504


Flex On Clip Fan
With Flexible Blades

Item: B41-1510


Small Hand Held Battery Powered Fan with LED Light


Battery Operated NecklaceFan

"Pet Safe"


Mist Hand Fan by O2Cool


Battery Operated Necklace Fan

battery powered necklace fan



Battery Operated Necklace Fan

"Now In New Colors"



Battery Operated Hand Held Misting Fa

"Squeeze For Water Misting"



Battery Operated Hanging Necklace Fan Runs On 2 AA Batteries

Item: 1528

Portable 12 Volt Air Battery Operated Air Conditioner


Cell Phone Charger
Powers Any 12V Device


Hurricane Bundle Special!


portable cell phone power pack


hurricane kit supplies

Portable 12 Volt Battery Powered Air Conditioner

Item: B41-1520


12 Volt Power Pack
Car & USB Adapters



Hurricane Supply Kit
"Everything You Need!"

Double Fan with
 Swivel Blades & Misting





Tower Misting Battery Operated Fan


wedding hand fan


Discounted D Size Battereis

Portable Tower Misting Fan
AC or Battery Operated

Item: B41-1519


Wooden Hand Fan

Item: B41-1529


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Best Battery Operated Fans
Review 2013

02 Cool O2 COOL® is the premier designer, producer and marketer of “cool”, creative, fun and affordable personal consumer products. O2Cool is the world’s leading manufacturer of battery operated misting and portable fans, battery powered air conditioners, water-cooling hydration products, outdoor accessories and novelty items. Most popular models include model 1086 1054 1071 1041 1078 1080 1089 1038 1038 8101 2059 1203 9101 1256 5011 1050 1092 1203 1209 9005 1261. If you do not see your model fan on Batterysavers.com feel free to call us direct at 800-990=9110.



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All of the portable battery operated fans on this page are on sale at low low prices to help prepare for the hottest of summers. Most fans are provided with batteries to assist in better preparing for emergency situations such as hurricanes. Battery powered Fans optimized for maximizing battery life and extending cool down time. Some of our more popular fans are the: Clip Fan, Portable Fan, Personal Fan, Large Battery Fan, Battery Powered Hand Fan, Mini Fans, emergency power fans, mighty breeze fans, necklace hand fan ulta quiet desk fans. We sell Squeeze Breeze and Misty Mate personal cooling water misting battery operated fans and rechargeable fans all manufactured the the number one leading manufacturers O2 Cool. These portable battery operated fans are all great for cooling off during for power outages, hurricanes, earthquakes and summer heat preparedness. We now sell directly to all 48 continental states in which average ship time is 1-3 days. All orders ship UPS "Next Day" shipping in all parts of Florida.

About O2Cool Article: CHICAGO, IL. (December 28, 2006) - Originally launched in 2006, the new “fashion meets function” hand-held battery operated Deluxe Lipstick Fan™ (Model 9011) is the perfect accessory. The powerful, yet ultra quiet fan is so compact that it fits perfectly in your purse or bag. The sleek cap design covers the blade for easy storage and carrying, making it a must have among women and teens. Perfect for women on the go, now you can stay cool and look cool at all times. O2-COOL® is the premier designer, producer and marketer of “cool”, creative, fun and affordable personal consumer goods. We strive to build collaborative partnerships to help serve our customers’ needs. For more information, please call 800-200 COOL (2665) or visit us at www.o2- cool.com.