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Ship In Assorted Colors
Each Candle Burns For Over 7 Days

emergency long burningcandles

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Slow Burning Emergency Candles

Burns for 7 Days and Will Never Drip!


When the go out, make sure you have these emergency long lasting candles. These slow burning, no maintenance, emergency candles are the best we have ever seen. They come in a heavy duty safety glass candle container which shields the flame from the wind and keeps them from dripping wax. They stay cool to the touch which makes them easy a safe to carry from place to place.

Best of all, each burns fro 7 days straight. They are approximately 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Additionally, each emergency candle is made of non-toxic paraffin wax which prevents them from smoking or smelling.




• Each emergency candle burns for 7 straight days
• NO Drip glass container
• Wind resistant glass container
• Easy to light wick
• Easy to carry and transport during an emergency
• Ships in assorted colors
• Ships with lighter & ready to light


(1) Candle

(Choose Color at Checkout)

Includes Free 9" Lighter

IN STOCK: B41-2501


(3) Candles

(Choose Color at Checkout)

Includes Free 9" Lighter

IN STOCK: B41-2502




(12) Candles or (1) Case

(Choose Color at Checkout)

Includes Free 9" Lighter

IN STOCK: B41-2506






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emergency candles
Includes  a FREE Lighter

Emergency 10 Pack of Candles

Item Number: B41-2504

These emergency candles ship in a pack of 10 candles. They are quick to light and can easily be placed in 10 different locations. They can easily be uses for general household or emergency use.



  • General Household and emergency use
• Ships 10 to a box
• Ships ready to light with matches

Sale Price: $8.95

Availability:  Ships in 2-3 business days.

12" Extention Lighter

12" Extended Candle Lighter
"Keeps hands away from open flame"

Item Number: B41-2503



  • 12" Long Safety Flame Extender
• Easy Pull Trigger Switch
• Adjustable Flame
• Safety Trigger Lock
• Ships ready to light with matches
• Great to have for any emergency!

Sale Price: $4.95

Availability:  Ships in 2-3 business days.

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